back to simple blogging

I started this creative path a little over six years ago with a blog, an Etsy shop and experimenting with letterpress printing—just with the hopes of doing anything creative.  Working day and night from home, those modest beginnings gradually turned into a business.  We then moved to a studio space three years ago which helped in growing the business and allowing me to fortunately do what I love and call it a job.  

The focus of our work has changed over the years and we are doing more corporate and branding work, a limited number of weddings, a product line and a brick and mortar shop.  Its all amazing and I wouldn't change a thingbut to say the least, it can be overwhelming (on top of being mom to very busy 6-year-old, Ike).  So, I'm constantly trying to find ways to streamline, edit and do what makes sense from both a business and creative perspective—but still keeping things fresh and inspired. That's where this new blog comes in. I blogged very little last year—mostly due to a full workload and simply put, I got bored of it.  But I realized, while I love Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc., I missed having an informal creative outlet and a place to share and catalog things that held a little more meaning beyond a "pin" or "tweet".  So!  As a part of my 2013 intentions (below), I'm back to more regular blogging and as you can see its far more simplified with no (self-imposed) pressure on when or what to post. 


Thanks for reading and for those who have read for years, thank you, for being on this journey of mine.  xo, Suann